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Closing Statement 


The Davenport riding was created in 1999. Prior to that, its area was split between the old ridings of Parkdale, Oakwood, Dovercourt, High Park-Swansea and a bit of York-South.
Parkdale was the last part of the current Davenport riding to have elected a PC candidate, which was in 1995.
Dovercourt was the last major part of the current Davenport riding to have elected a PC candidate, which was in 1971.


At 16.09% of the popular vote, we achieved the highest PC support in the riding’s history.
Voter turnout was 58.36%, also the highest in the riding’s history.

Here are the Davenport PC voter results from the past:

1999: 15.83%
2003: 7.46%
2007: 9.41%
2011: 7.93%
2014: 7.47%
2018: 16.09%

That’s a big change!


Here are some things we have achieved:

– Nominating a physician who was inspired by traditional Progressive Conservatism that is fiscally conservative and socially progressive
– A competitive campaign against the incumbent Liberal MPP and the former Federal President of the NDP
– Public statements on key local issues such as: Healthcare, addiction services, safe housing, Metrolinx, small business red tape, and, of course, taxes
– Media appearances
– All candidates debates
– Increased campaign fundraising – almost $18,000 raised
– 600 signs put up
– 1000 Vote Fed Up buttons distributed
– 50,000 fliers distributed to all households in Davenport
– 10,000 Vote Fed Up business cards distributed
– Very successful Dundas West Fest booth
– Very significant visits with local businesses all over Davenport
– Community visits: woman’s shelter, detox facility, retirement home, churches, mosque, middle school

This has been a competitive, efficient, and effective locally focused campaign! We have gained new support in key areas of the riding.


Fed Sanchez, MD